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March 21, 2014

Young Women of Faith Bible

When my review copy of the Young Women of Faith Bible arrived from Zondervan, my first reaction was to frown at the hardcover and paper quality. Trying not to judge a book by its you-know-what, I reminded myself that Bibles for young people will most likely be replaced by nice quality editions in favorite translations as young Christians mature.

Nevertheless, I’d rather see a nice paperback with pages that don’t pucker. And, to be even more blunt, I chafed a bit over the title of “Young Women” when teen girls are obviously the targeted reading audience. Like, can't we just call a teen a teen?

To give this edition of the NIV (New International Version) a fair view and balanced RE-view, I put the book aside, deciding to wait until I'd gotten over the dissatisfaction that often occurs from having personal preferences or almost any expectation.

During the night, however, I woke up thinking about my new blog for teens, Texting God, which has a text message for each title and a response from the Bible in the body of the blog. Although I loved the idea, I wasn't quite sure what came next.

Going into my office at home and switching on the light, I saw the Young Women of Faith Bible on my desk where I’d left it. Picking it up, I flipped to the back pages where I’d previously noticed a page entitled “Weekly Studies Index.” As I started to read, I thought, “This is good stuff!” which, translated, means that teenaged girls will surely benefit as they easily find such subjects as “No Doubt About It” with the page number listed to ease the search even more.

Turning to that page, I read a reassuring paragraph which starts, “Doubt isn’t always a bad thing,” and then goes on to provide teen-relevant examples of what to expect, do, and experience.

Above this appropriate text, I also noticed the page title, which further investigation showed to be the format consistently used for each subject in the index. Again and again throughout the book, that title clearly states: “I’m Becoming a Woman of Faith.” Oh. Yes!

And, yes, this copy of NIV is for teenage girls, but the title of Young Women of Faith Bible aptly describes the focus and overall purpose of this unique edition.

With sidebars offering “Memory Challenges,” teens grow into adults with Bible verses to guide their choices and lifestyles.

With side notes providing insights and information, young readers begin to understand that hard-to-understand passages have meaning and power.

With Bible stories highlighted as “If I Were There…,” teenage girls can gain the maturity that comes from experience – even the experience of our biblical others.

And so, as it turns out, I not only recommend this edition for teenage readers but also parents of teens, teachers of teens, and those of us who write Bible-based blogs, poems, and other manuscripts for young people on their way to spiritual maturity.

© 2014, Mary Harwell Sayler, reviewer

Young Women of Faith Bible, hardback

October 24, 2013

Faith-building Bible for teens

The Rock Solid Faith Study Bible for teens from Zondervan isn’t as heavy as a rock like many study Bibles are. Just under 6”x9”x2”, this edition of the NIV (New International Version) has a regular, readable font and an Italian Duo-Tone™ cover that lays flat, endures like leather, and comes in a slate-blue-gray color in keeping with the “rock” theme. For example, sidebars throughout the text include:

“Rock Solid Truths” about Christian beliefs
“Rock Solid Principles” for making choices and meeting challenges.
“Rock Solid Promises” to build faith in God’s Word and goodness
“Rock Solid Plans” to consider God’s thoughts for the future

Each of those rock-solid themes can be located by topical index as teens look in the back of the book for subjects of special interest or concern such as “Alcohol,” “Depression,” “Enthusiasm,” “False Teachers,” “Joy,” “Temptation,” “Wisdom,” or “Worry.”

Additional features such as a concordance, maps, and suggestions for Bible reading make this an excellent choice for teenagers to take to a Bible study class and, hopefully, use to develop the lifelong habit of reading the Bible regularly at home.

©2013, Mary Harwell Sayler

Rock Solid Faith Study Bible for teens, NIV

July 18, 2013

Ignite: The Bible for Teens

The best way to know if a teenager will respond well to this 2013 edition of the New King James Version (NKJV) is to ask. So I did.

Previously, my thirteen and a half-year-old granddaughter had chosen NKJV as her favorite, saying she liked the poetic sound when we read the same verses aloud from a half-dozen translations. Me too. And, having memorized KJV verses when I was her age, I could also relate those verses to this contemporary rendering.

But back to my grand reader. When she picked up this edition, she commented on the simplicity of the cover with its red-orange flame above the word “Ignite” that's been embossed into a thick paper cover with the look of parchment. She liked it.

Inside that non-curling cover, the color motif serves more than decoration as dark orange highlights study aids with such lively titles as “Sparks” (of God’s Promises), “Spotlights” (like headlines for a story), “Flashpoints,” (flashing back to questions or thoughts teens are apt to have during the day), and “White Hot Topics” (to link Bible stories and show their relevancy to concerns teens typically have.)

In addition to those study aids throughout the book, chocolate-colored “Soul Fuel” gives readers an array of delectable verses to taste, remember, and hold close.

Each of those colorful aids will help young people enjoy the Bible on their own and turn to appropriate pages in times of crisis too. For example, the “Find It Topical Index” in the opening pages will help teens know where to look for biblical responses to diverse topics ranging from “Abortion,” “Alcohol,” “Ambition,” and “Anger” to “Witchcraft,” “Worry,” and “Worship of Idols and Heroes.”

Most likely, teens will look up those subjects when alone or with a BFF, but this Bible stands up well to group study too. Besides the key-word concordance and maps at the back of the book, a reader can quickly find any book in the Bible by going to the alphabetical list just inside the flyleaf. A few pages later, a standard table of contents has been included too, and for additional help on finding one’s place or keeping up with the group, large vertically-printed letters show the book, chapter, and verse on the edge of each page.

Although I want to thank Thomas Nelson, Inc., for this review copy, I give deep thanks for an edition that doesn't try to do too much but actually ignites teen interest in what the Bible has to say and shows its relevance to their lives. May God keep these sparks alive and aglow in Jesus’ name.

©2013, Mary Harwell Sayler

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