July 16, 2019

Which Bibles capitalize pronouns for God?

Does it matter if a translation of the Bible uses capital “H” instead of lower case for He/Him/His pronouns referring to God? In the eternal scheme of things, probably not. Nevertheless, I prefer it.

Why? Two reasons:

1.) Capitalizing pronouns that refer to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is a way of honoring God and showing esteem.

2.) Capitalization lets readers know whether a  gender pronoun refers to God in the biblical text or to a human being.

If you’re now wondering which translations of the Bible use capital “H,” regardless of the publisher, here’s a list of the ones I found, thanks to a search of a pronoun-laden verse on Bible Gateway.

 TVB – The Voice Bible

Mary Harwell Sayler, ©2019, poet-writer and life-long lover of God’s Word in the many translations we're blessed to read, study, and absorb


  1. Thanks, Mary! I learn so much from you.

  2. I agree that it is important, and although I currently use an NRSV I do have a KJV and NKJV.

  3. Simply wish to say the frankness in your article is surprising.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for commenting! My middle initial is "H," which could stand for honesty as I do. :)